Project AWARE 2018

Project AWARE 2018

CNNd ry is organizing Project AWARE cleanup this fall 1.9.2018 10-16 in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.  The project is organized in cooperation with Sukeltajat Itämeren puolesta ry and Sukellusseura H2O ry.  The projet is sponsored by Wärtsilä.

Registering for the event

You can register for the event here.


The address of the event is Pitkänsillanranta 5, Hakaniemi, Helsinki.  The rectangle marks the area reserved for the event (length of the peer).


10-11 Registration and preparation

11-14 Diving and cleanup

14-16 Event closing

During the diving and cleanup phase, Vanhan Käpylän VPK will be joining in and rinsing the divers coming out of the water (provided they are not called for emergency).

Diving info

The area of the cleanup is a boat peer with some possible boat traffic and very limited visibility.  We will have someone on a boat closing off the area from the sea side, however caution is still advised.  All diving will be conducted using surface ropes (á la ice-diving practices) to a maximum of 20m from the shore.  Each diver will have a surface tender, and additionally a surface safety diver will be present.

Collecting trash

All the collected trash will be sorted and Kristiina Tuura, an artist, will turn it into art later.


The project area is located within Helsinki’s “Zone 1”, so Saturday is paid-parking.  Wärtsilä has promised to reimburse the parking costs.  NOTE: The parking meters near the site use coins! We will have some “for emergency”, but please bring some of your own too.


We will provide some snacks and refreshments for the registered participants of the event.

SeaSafety and Sukelluskoulu Aalto have kindly offered to fill tanks of the participants for the event.  Tanks should be delivered Friday latest.  Note you can only get the fill if you have registered for the event on the registration form!


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