CNNd ry started as a hobby club in the Nokia Corporation and became a registered club in the summer of 2016.  Since then it’s open to public and anyone can join in. The club has great facilities and equipment catering to both novice and technical divers.

Membership types

  • Full membership: In 2020, full membership is 50€, with an additional 40€ deposit if you would like your own key to the club premises.  Full membership benefits include:
    • compressor usage (air and EAN up to 36%): 200, 230 and 300bar fills
    • technical gases (oxygen, helium)
      • Note: As of summer 2018 we have discontinued Argon due to lack of demand
    • equipment for rent (both recreational and technical)
    • tools and specialized equipment (whip, booster, ultrasonic washer, etc)
    • scuba training from recreational to technical and instructor levels
  • Support membership: Support membership fee is 15€ annually, and is meant for people who would like to keep active membership, but are not actively diving.  As a supporting member, you have the right to
    • participate in club meetings
    • participate in club organized courses and events as a club member
    • support membership does not allow the use of club facilities or equipment

Becoming a member

To become a member, you must:

  • fill in and submit the application form
  • pay due fees
  • be approved by the club administrators

Membership Application

The club bank account is: FI93 8020 1710 3390 67

Additional charges (optional)

The club provides several services which are also payable:

  • own key, a deposit of 40€
  • gear shelf (if available):
    • 6 months: 30€
    • 12 months: 60€
  • unlimited air fills, 60€ (if you are filling nitrox by CFM, the price of the air fill will be deducted from the fill price)
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