Rules for using the equipment

  • Only certified divers are allowed to rent and use the club equipment!
  • Reserve equipment before borrowing it
    • When you take the equipment out of the club, remember to “check out” from the online system
    • When returing the equipment, remember to “check in” as returned
    • If you do not need the equipment afterall, please make sure you cancel the reservation.  Uncanceled reservations will be checked out/in automatically by the admins and you will be charged the loan price
  • If you notice a fault with the equipment
    • mark the equipment as faulty
    • inform the club admins
    • check the reservation system if there’s anyone wanting to use it after you, and let them know there might be a problem
    • Do not leave faulty equipment unmarked!
  • Do not leave lamps/scooters/other charging in the club without supervision
  • Always return all the equipment to it’s proper place


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