COVID-19 Precautions
Corona virus

COVID-19 Precautions

Hello members,
Finland went into a state of emergency yesterday, and that involves us as a club as well.  So far, we are not closing the club down, but some general safety rules should be observed:

  • no access to club premises if you have any symptoms of a flu or similar
  • no gathering of over 10 people in any one place
  • please refrain from borrowing regulators/bcd/tanks from the club or if you do, please disinfect at least the 2nd stages
  • no external guests at the club premises
  • please wash/sanitize hands after filling tanks etc
  • please don’t use the microwave, coffee maker, etc at the club
  • please maintain distance to other people at the premises

The “better safe than sorry” is the way to go.

Be safe everyone!

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