Annual general assembly meeting 2018

Today we held the general assembly meeting for 2018.

The summary of the financial situation

2017 Expenses:

  • Estimated: 4055€
  • Realized: 5159.94€

2017 Income

  • Estimated: 3401€
  • Realized: 2833.08€

Budget deficit for 2017 is about 2327€.  Because of this, we decided to increase the membership fee in 2018 to 50€, and not to discourage joining towards the end of the year, for members who join after 1.11 the membership fee will cover membership for the following year as well.

The board members of 2017 have volunteered, and been approved, to continue as the board for 2018.  Marcin continues as chairman, Hannu as the treasurer.  Adi and Perry continue as the rest of the board.

To patch the rest of the budget deficit for 2018, some courses will be held to benefit the club, and some more flexible rental of shelf space has been agreed upon.

Have a great 2018 everyone!

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